About Us

ClassE is an entrepreneurial development class that aims to educate Coles County high school juniors and seniors about the opportunities and challenges of starting and running a new business venture. We expect that students who complete the class will go on to successfully run their own businesses.

In this experiential learning dual-credit class, the students are selected through an application process, and learn about what it is like to be an entrepreneur and start their very own business. By touring and interacting with more than 82 Coles County business owners and working on a group business with fellow classmates, students will develop leadership and professional skills that are important for success.

Through this program, we hope to create an intergenerational business success network that encourages students to remember their roots, resulting in potential businesses and job creation in Coles County, thereby securing its future health and economic vitality.

• Is an experiential learning experience that teaches skills in entrepreneurship, job readiness and leadership
• Is a year-long high school course where students start a business
• Is a dual-credit class through Lake Land College that will transfer as an elective to Eastern Illinois University and other four year institutions
• Is open to Coles County high school juniors and seniors
• Meets Monday through Friday during early bird and first hour class
• Meets in local businesses and has a home base in the LifeSpan Center
• Students must apply by writing an essay to gain admittance to the class