Abbie Kennell
Abbie Kennell

Who Am I?

My name is Abbie Kennell. Currently, I am a junior at Mattoon High School. I also work as a receptionist at Pilson Auto Center in Mattoon. I enjoy working out, playing sand volleyball and spending time with friends and family. I also love children and my new puppy, Sandi. 

Why am I in ClassE logo?

I became interested in ClassE after hearing my friends talk about it the last couple of years. I felt like ClassE would be an amazing opportunity to learn about becoming an entrepreneur, as well as to grow as a person. It will also help prepare me to start my own business someday.

My College Plans

Attending Cosmetology school has always been my plan after high school. However, I have recently began considering going to EIU to study business as well. I plan to own my own salon someday.

My Business

When creating my business, I wanted something to encourage others to have a positive attitude, to live the life they imagine and to charge after their dreams! So, I have created an apparel line to sell this life style. 


This is why I chose the name “Lonely Rhino” for my business.  


I think each of us should be a Lonely Rhino. We all should have thick skin and not care so much about what others think or say about us. We should never be afraid. We need to stop fearing so many things, including our own success! We should mind our business...worry about ourselves and let others do as they please. We should laugh out loud and laugh often. We should take time to relax and recharge. We must learn to be okay with being alone. We need to realize we do not need approval from anyone to live the life we imagine for ourselves! We also need to learn to lighten up and have some fun! We all should realize that we have something valuable to offer this world!  Also, we must learn to be a good listener and a reliable friend. And most importantly, we should be bold and charge after our dreams!  


Don’t let life pass you by! Believe in yourself, dream big, be bold, know your worth and charge after your dreams! BE A LONELY RHINO!

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