Ridge Boyer
Ridge Boyer

Who Am I?

Ridge Boyer- Custom Coasters

Senior, Charleston High School


Mentor- Craig Cunningham, Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo

Ridge Boyer is a senior at Charleston High School. Before Class E Ridge had always been an introvert and by the end of the school year he really came out of his shell and was not bashful to go up and talk to anybody. He joined this class to make connections and talk with people who have been very successful in life and learn how they did it. Ridge plans to attend Lake Land for a year then transfer to a 4 year university and receive a bachelor’s degree in Radiology. His business, Custom Coasters, is a picture coaster business that he makes himself that he sells to people in the community, as wells as going around to different businesses and getting their business logo made on their own coaster for their desk or office. 

Charleston High School Senior

My interests include basketball and football, anything in the outdoors and traveling. After high school I plan on attending a 4-year university down south and plan to major in radiology. After college I plan to travel the country and live somewhere down south where its warmer in a major hospital.  

Why am I in ClassE logo?

My College Plans

My Business

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